Tuesday, November 12

Random Musings

Based on the poll results asking what you guys would like to see more of, Random Musings won! Here goes then.

So, on my first day off from school I end up getting sick; over home-worked by my insane teachers, (meaning, no break at all.); betrayed by my mutinous fridge; and subject to just about every other possible thing that could have gone wrong for that month. At the end of this exhausting day? I'm actually alright! Surprisingly I seem to work more calmly when things are going really badly, verses sort of bad. So to celebrate my sniveling alrightness adorned in slimy tissues, here comes another round of photo updates and random musings! You might wonder why I keep doing this (besides the poll vote), since It's not like they contribute much to anything constructive. Honestly though, this blog has become a sort of journal for me, a place where I can just write what's on my mind. What's more, I enjoy photography so why not add that to my already expanding archives?

*Bloodcurdling loud fan girl scream* LOOK WHAT WAS IN AN AMERICAN NEWSPAPER SITTING ON MY TABLE THIS MORNING! My equally obsessed sister and I happened to see this news article at the same moment on Sunday morning. As expected, we both launched across our dining room table during breakfast, screaming our heads off and making wild gestures at Matt's face. Our parents nearly spilled their cereal.

   Since I seem to be on a renovation phase of just about everything, my closet was next in line to feel my wrath. Where would I be without Pininterest? Again, my fandoms are pretty obvious in the small clip of my wall shown below, (couldn't fit the whole wall into the focus without giving away my name, sorry guys, wouldn't want to lose that mysterious factor...)

   Recent band obsession? KYO, which is actually a French speaking group. This just makes me feel even more ridiculous for taking Spanish over Japanese or French. I mean, those two languages would have been so much more productive! (Excluding the fact that half my city speaks Spanish.) Still, I could have listened to my usual music selections and actually understood them!

   Some art I sketched out last week. (Right before I got sick. Haha.) Males are unfortunately not a strong suit of mine so the little dude on the left of the picture had part of his head chopped off. (I apologize little dude). The whole piece actually tells a story, (from my novel), but instead of divulging that I'll just let you make of it what you will. Sadly I don't have a scanner at home that actually 'works', so I end up having to just take pictures of my work.
   Random side note: Just to throw in some past art, I've included some projects I drew a while ago.

   So this pretty much concludes my uncharacteristically short musings post. (Impressive, huh?) I guess I'm just to exhausted to write my usual ten pages. (I'm JUST KIDDING.) Thanks for reading, and commenting on my posts! It always makes me so happy to know that someone else actually enjoys my thoughts. Thanks again!

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  1. I LOVE your art!!! that's so cool! I've always wanted to gift of drawing and such but no such luck. I suck at it. lol. but thats ok. I do it sometimes in spite of that fact.
    also, the quality of these pictures are perfect<3 (Im a photography nerd so I notice odd things like that.)
    very nice:) and I like random ramblings. Im weird like that.


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