Sunday, July 29


That moment when you look around and feel like your completely alone in a room full of people. 
People you have grown up with,
 people who don't care. 
People who don't notice you, 
unless you stop and stare.
Sometimes I wonder if they would even notice If I just left, and never came back. 
It would make things a lot more simpler. 

Saturday, July 28


Glittering, sparkling.
Blazing blue.
Golden light, ripping through the sky.
Deep shades of gold,
brilliant and clear.
Rays of light,
like glass diamonds.

Pink, purple, red and gold.
They reach from the ground cutting though the blue.
They bring the night,
Like a dark cloak.

Darkness, everywhere.
In the still quiet.
Resplendent stars.
Like glowing jewels.
Mist dances, entwining with the dark.
Peace, descends.
The beautiful dark.

By: Lyndsey Evenstar

Friday, July 27

You thought you knew me?

You thought you knew me.
Guess what.
You were wrong.
Now I’m closing the door, you’ll never again be mixed with my song.
I’m closing the door,
I’m long gone.
To late to say goodbye.
Or even to shed a fallen tear.
To late to say the things
You wished I could hear.
You thought you knew who I was,
now I guess your wrong.
And what we had
is gone…

-By Lyndsey Evenstar

Doctor Who

"You are proof.”

“Of what?”

“That emotions destroy."

Doctor who (Tv show)

The end.

The end.
The ending of something can be the most heartbreaking thing in the world. The sheer weight and sadness are enough to crush. When you put you’re heart into something, the worst thing is to have it handed back. Or cut away from you. You’re joy, your motive. Gone. Leaving a welling hole of pain in its wake.
Endings stink.

-By Lyndsey Evenstar