Saturday, August 20

Sitting by the Willow Tree

No, I didn't design this image--but isn't it epic? If only my artistic skills would permit me to create this magic. 
To be real though, a 'Hello' from Lyndsey has been long overdue. I've been to college -hurrah- I've held a real job, I've even met a few friends in between. I decided on Microbiology as my major, and now excel at stressing over everything and anything! Long gone are the days when life was carefree and simple. 
What's next for me? Well, a mission. That's right, I've signed myself up to serve (in a soon to be disclosed location) for 18 months as a representative of Christ. *WOW* -cue applause- 
Anyways, this blog post might be a little cryptic (and by that I mean brief). I wanted to list here a few goals for myself, and my future. Because saying it to yourself is one thing, but writing it down is another. Here goes:

1. Live life, find it's meaning, and fall in love with it.

2. Find at least two deep relationships. With people whom I can trust implicitly, and love without hesitation. 

3. Make my heart, home. Make my mind, a temple. Make my soul, the silver lining of eternity. I want to improve myself, and learn to love ME.

4. Strengthen my relationship with the Lord, and serve!

Until my next post... in which I will hopefully rant some, pry apart the secrets of rocks, and maybe spew my thoughts all over your screen for your benefit (but maybe mine).