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Nutella and Vulcans?...


   No-no, I'm just as surprised as you. Ardently, I've refused to participate in these awards since I started this blog! Why now am I finally doing one?... 
    Lack of time to give to a wholly developed post, and a realization for the purpose of these awards. 
   (I designed the award logo myself as everything else was to mainstream.) 
   (...That second part was sarcasm, okay?)

     The rules are as follows:

                   ➳ Link back to the person that nominated you.
                   ➳ Answer all questions provided.
                   ➳ Choose 11 bloggers with less than 200 followers to nominate.
                   ➳ Write 11 questions for them.
                   ➳ Let the nominees know.

What is the most important lesson you've learned? 
   I have so many! Naming just one is hard, (I mess up quite a lot basically). If I had to point out a specific lesson I suppose it would be that,
   all pain passes with time.
    No matter how deep the wound, the scar won't sting forever.

What are you most scared of?  
   It might be silly, but I'm very apprehensive around darkened water. Maybe it's because in water I'm out of my element, and the inability to see what lies beneath it only makes that feeling of utter powerlessness worse.
   Another one of my fears would be isolation-- being alone in other words. I don't mean the kind of alone where no one else is around, I mean the type of alone where no one cares about you.
   The kind that has no words. No thoughts. No life. No love.

Do you believe in love at first sight? 
   No. Love is something you develop over time, not within a single moment. I believe in lust, or attraction, at first sight. However, the love has a much deeper meaning in my mind.
If you had a time machine which era would you travel to? 
   Victorian, or Medieval for sure. Coming from a psychotic Lord of the Rings fan, and a Downton Abby buff, I'd say that's a given. Anything from Pride and Prejudice, North and South, to Wives and Daughters is a favorite of mine.

What is your favorite show?
   Now, before I even say this I want to make it ABSOLUTELY clear that I watch this through Clearplay, a company which thoroughly filters movies and TV shows. It basically takes a PG-13 or R rated product and makes it PG. How do I know this movie/book/show is so bad then?  
   I read.
   I'll come out with it then, my family and I watch Game of Thrones together on the weekends. It's  my favorite show at the moment. Which probably isn't a huge surprise to some of you as it has all the elements which caused me to fall in love with Lord of the Rings.

   *Note for people who are confused: In the past, I'd have immediately replied with Doctor Who. Currently however, I'm of the opinion that Stephen Moffat is ruining the show. Yeah, I said it. I'm sure there are some of you who will be burning down my house by tomorrow, however, let me explain why before I char to death.
   There is too much focus on special effects, snappy scenes, and liberal politics in the newer series. What happened to the days when developing characters, spinning out detailed plots, and using creativity and imagination mattered? Directing movies is an art, and sadly Moffat just doesn't have that. However, I do enjoy his Sherlock series, so that's at least one virtue I can praise him with.

What are your favorite bands/artists?
   Twentyone Pilots, Three Days Grace, Panic! At the Disco, The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus, Jimmy Eat World, Christina Grimmie, Max Schneider, Tori Kelly, and LINDSEY STIRLING.

What are your favorite movies?
   Do I even need to say it? Lord of the Rings is my number one favorite, without question. As for the other movies amongst my favorites, I could be here all night. To name a few off the top of my head: 47 Ronin, Catching Fire, (anything by Studio Ghibli), Batman Trilogy, The Mortal Instruments (because Jace is freakishly hot), Bourne Trilogy, Inception, and the Matrix.

What fictional character do you relate to most? 
   Vin, from Mistborn by Brandon Sanderson; or Mikasa from Attack on Titan.

What is your guilty pleasure?  

Who cares is right! It shouldn't be about counting calories.

What are fifteen things about you others might not know?

   ♦ I sing; used to take voice lessons, but I stopped a while before I quit piano. I've also been in two separate choirs, one through college the other religious.
   ♦ I love Biology.
   ♦ I still cry every time I watch this scene:
   Frodo Baggins and Sam Gamgee
   ♦  The Joker is my favorite character in Batman.
    ♦ I have a continuous internal monologue. Sometimes it's me arguing with myself in there, or sometimes it's a fictional character.
    ♦  I quickly take charge of most things if there is no given leader. I'm a different person when I'm in control, and I like the person who emerges when that happens.
    ♦ I don't cry easily.
    ♦ I'm an artist!
    ♦ I'm an Librocubicularist, definition: A person who reads in bed.
    ♦ I'm pretty sarcastic. (If you haven't noticed yet.)
    ♦ I dislike texting.
    ♦ I'm not joking here...

    ♦ I always pay attention to the L and R on my ear buds, and put them in the appropriate ears.
    ♦ When I'm having a conversation with someone though texting/emails/etc. I use periods when I'm ticked.
    ♦ I'm terribly organized but at the same time spontaneous. How that makes sense?... I'll never know.

Do you believe everyone deserves a second chance?
   I feel it depends a lot on the person. Most of the time, yes. However, I don't believe in third chances or hundredth chances, and that often times happens when you give someone another chance. It's hard to say no after letting it slide once before.

     My Questions:

What is your favorite book character, and why?

What fictional character do you think you relate with the most?

Any weird quirks?

Do you get excited over small things, if so what?

Favorite color?

Do you have a favorite book? (Can list up to five)

Chocolate or vanilla? 

What are your hobbies?

What are fifteen things about you others might not know?

What is your favorite songs currently?

Do you have a Fandom?

If you could eat only one thing for the rest of your life, what would it be?

Favorite music of the moment?

What are your favorite movies or TV shows?

Do you believe everyone deserves a second chance?

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