Tuesday, April 23

Missing Bleach.

So yeah, for those of you that don't know, I stopped watching Bleach a while back because of the bad language. (Heart wrench). Nevertheless, that doesn't stop me from being an avid fan! Bleach is probably one of the most beautiful, detailed, addicting anime's I've ever seen. Here is a little about what I loved about it!


    Firstly, being myself, I absolutely loved the silent romance between Rukia and Ichigo. (Periodically, that silent romance drove me insane though, I can't imagine a pair so blind to each other.)
-As a side note-I was searching online and happened to find a top ten cutest couples chart. Hastily looking over it, I was ecstatic to see Ichigo and Rukia placing number one on the list! (Take that Naruto.)
   Earlier today, I was driving to the library when I saw a tall, orange haired guy with this short girl on a mobile device. I pretty much died a little inside as I was reminded vividly of Ichigo and Rukia. They are just meant for each other, anger issues and all. I'm super excited that they finally realized it too, (and that Tite Kubo decided to stop torturing all the Bleach fans. Sorry Ichihimes :P)

The characters
 Being a beginner writer, I know first-hand the challenges of trying to tackle personalities, styles, and plots for more than one character at a time. Let me just say it is ridiculously arduous, and usually requires hours to perfect a single idea. 
   In Bleach, Tite Kubo has characters down to an art. Ive never seen so many diverse, unique personalities all displayed within the same book! Its flabbergasting. His characters are so vibrant in appearance, style, and communication it brings them to life in a screamishly real way.
   I have so many favorite characters, but sadly after more than a year off Bleach, its hard for me to recall all of them. Obviously, Rukia is my top favorite. Then Ichigo, Renji, Byakuya, Yachiru, Sui-Feng, Kenpachi, Yumichika, Uryu, Toshiro, and Chad (Yasutora). 

 Random Drawing

Yes, so this is a drawing I did a while ago, of Yoruichi + Urahara. (They would be so cute together) Sorry for the bad lighting/camera, I'm not a big fan of using scanners.

We are all like fireworks. We climb, shine and always go our separate ways and become further apart. But even if that time comes, let's not disappear like a firework, and continue to shine... forever.