Friday, July 27

The end.

The end.
The ending of something can be the most heartbreaking thing in the world. The sheer weight and sadness are enough to crush. When you put you’re heart into something, the worst thing is to have it handed back. Or cut away from you. You’re joy, your motive. Gone. Leaving a welling hole of pain in its wake.
Endings stink.

-By Lyndsey Evenstar


  1. A funny name for a first post! haha But I like it a lot anyhow! Haven't read much, but totally enjoying your blog so far. =D


    1. Oh WOW!! Im so surprised someone has actually commented on this! Sorry I never got back to you, I hadn't received a notification. Lol, yeah It is kinda ironic huh? Titled 'the end', when its the beginning of the blog! Thank you so much! I really appreciate it :)
      You don't happen to be a member of the inheritance cycle on goodreads do you?


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