Friday, November 1

Caught Away-Voler de Nouveau

This reminds me of Maximum Ride

Tangled ribbons, 
catch in cascades of long dark hair.
Warm breath exhales into frigid air.
Lips part,
blood red.
Words whipped away
as though they were never there.
Pale skin
liquid shades of blooming perception,
color the ashen heart.

is futile.
The more you give,
the less you take.

Feet glide across gilded stone
 like silk feathers,
twirling in descent against the cold.
Smooth control
Look away as the monster roars
Brush away.
Glazed eyes.
Through symmetrical movement
 Hide the Tears.

Stars tremble in the sky.
Are they about to fall?
Like tiny diamonds,
shattering from their liquid pool.
Perfection in the glittering rain,
laughter as they thrash the fragile skin.
Beautiful fountains of crimson.
Sick Passion.

Shielded from contact,
propagate the dispatch.
By fire shall we free our souls.

Obsidian roses line the coffin,
to burn my body.
 Flames of exploding purple
burn into tarnished gold.
The tears roll away as steam.

clouds pulse against the body.
ravens caw
into the silent atmosphere.
The world has gone dark.
like a curtain meant
to draw out 
the end.


  1. Wow, this is a gorgeously written poem. The images swept me into the world of your worlds, and I cannot stop visualizing each scene you create. I will now stalk the rest of your posts. :)

    1. I'm so flattered, thank you so much Emily! That means a lot :)


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