Tuesday, October 1

You're Worth More Than Diamonds


I am strong
Because I've known weakness.
I am whole
Because I've known loneliness.
I am confident
because I've been broken.
I can love
because I've known hate.

Everything has happened
for a reason.
The tears, the blood, the pain..
The mistakes, flaws, and isolation.
It was to purify you,
through acrid flames,
into a person who could see the world
in a different way.

It was to clear away the excess,
and expose the diamonds within the coal.
Your suffering,
has made you whole.
In a way no book could ever teach you.
Because when you have lived,
as long as us.
Is so much more

So the next time,
you think you will just give up.
Remember that all of this,
is just building you up.
By the end,
You'll be worth more than infinite mounds of diamonds.
Youth is fleeting,
so is happiness.
But when you've finnaly accepted who you are...
that wont ever change. 
No matter what comes your way.

I can see
because my eyes have been clouded.
I can feel
because I've been numb before.
I can hope
because I've known despair.

 Because of these things.

I am strong.
In a way someone who hasn't felt this,
can't become.

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