Saturday, October 19

5 Ways to Deal With Stupid People

We all know them. We've all seen them. No matter where we go, its like they infest every breathing organism around us. Oh- I can't elaborate on this enough, stupid people pretty much dominate the world like a plaque of Justin-Beberized zombies.

 So what do we do? Our society is drowning in the astronomically large pools of idiot brain cells circling around. Constantly we are assaulted with herds of unintelligent life forms. All wanting to smother us in a fluffy ocean of sparkly pink quicksand. How much longer can we, the few with actual brains, survive amongst such horrifying odds? How much longer can we put up with the never ending floods of stupidity rising like tidal waves against us?

Well, I'm here to help you out with a guide on how to survive in a world of stupid people.

How to deal-1 Eradicate vermin

  This world would be so much more peaceful if we all just had a huge game of call of duty/kill the idiots with vaporizing laser explosives. Just imagine that one person, who without fail always manages to annoy you in the most excruciating ways. Every time they open their mouth its like you want to call a halt to the proceedings and just stare at them in complete bewilderment. Like, "how could you be this stupid?" Just imagine calmly walking up to them and pressing the blessed button that would silence them forever in a poof of dancing atoms. It would be marvelous, we should plan this.

How to deal-1 Accept that some people aren't just that intelligent

   Honestly, your going to meet a lot of people who just can't keep up with you. When I say stupid, I don't actually mean in a literal sense. I mean like people that do things like this for example:


 Just accept that everywhere in the world, there are people who can't think about things before they do them. Don't hate them, just accept that they are who they are and move past it. Don't get angry about the state of their mental capacity, just concern yourself with the weather... or your fingers.. and try not to listen to the empty braincells being thrown around.

How to deal-2 Start wars when stupid people mess with your life

If someone's stupid, then just shout it to their face! I mean, why try to be kind and empathetic when they can't even add one plus two because they were too lazy to do their homework in class. I mean, don't they know that when someone decides not to do their assignments, EVERYONE pays for it? Screaming your feelings into their face is a great way to mutually come to an understanding about the situation. Don't even try to understand what's wrong with them, because its obviously pretty big.

How to deal-2 Be calm and address the person with respect

 People respond to respect, who doesn't? If you honestly ask them whats going on with the intent to actually listen, then they in turn may be more understanding to your feelings on the matter of their uncompleted homework. Don't try and take it out on them, try and keep your cool and stay calm. If they do well in something, let them know! Try and inspire them to keep on trying. When they receive compliments on what they do well, they will be more inclined to try harder in it.

How to deal-3 Run over opposing political supporters with your car

   Though you may spend the next-oh, rest of your life in jail- it would be worth it to crush those nasty opposing supports just to see their faces of shock!

How to deal 3- Don't talk about politics if you don't want to hear another persons opinion

Yes, that may solve our problems! Why try and convince people to join your view point, when you know the only thing they are going to try and do is convert you to theirs. See how this isn't going to end up anywhere but a broken nose and cut off friendship?

How to deal 4- Find those freakishly stupid you-tube commenters -we all know which ones- and end them. 

   I mean seriously, you only have to say three things. God. Politics. Call of duty is better than Halo. Now you have yourself a full scale you-tube swearing fest. Do people like this actually exist? Not only is it constrained to just you-tube, anyone whose anyone needs to pick a fight with everyone on the internet. Just start a list of profanities and your sure to bring everyone around to your way of thinking! "Start idiotic you-tube fights", Its just one of the things you agreed to in the terms and agreements.

How to deal 4- Turn your you-tube comments off

If you can't see them, you can remain in the ignorant bliss that people aren't as stupid as they really are! It works wonders for your blood pressure and anger management control!

How to deal 5- Throw all boys down a hole

 Lets just not even get into this. Boys are the epitome of stupid.

How to deal 5- Accept that boys are idiots


They just are so dense, and yet we still love them. It doesn't make any sense.

   So in conclusion, I hope you enjoyed this post! I had a lot of fun writing it. Hopefully one day we will create a large island to send all the stupid people in the world. (That would also be a great idea, right?) Then we can just live our lives without the impediment of idiots.
Have a great weekend!


  1. This list is perfect! Instead of people stressing about stuff and getting pissed in the end, they should just follow your instructions. But the youtube idiots are way too funny to be aggravated about lol

    1. Hahaha, thank you Janina! I agree though, sometimes the youtube idiots ARE more entertaining than the actual videos!

  2. I liked everything... except the last thing. Trust me, I've met a good number of mentally retarded women in my life, it's not just men. Stupidity has no correlation with gender.

  3. Just realized you may have been joking about the last one, but it's hard for me to tell since I've met some women who actually believe all men are dumb. Likewise some men believe all women are dumb, but like I said stupidity is gender neutral.

    1. To be quite honest, I've met more crazy woman than I have men in my life. Gender is absolutely neutral when it comes to wit and intelligence, I was being very facetious when I included the last one. I'm hoping most people will recognize that I was very much joking, no offence was ment towards guys other than to make the girls who are having a rough time with one laugh. :) Thanks for your comment though!


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