Monday, September 30

Happy Things

   Since I'm so great at writing such strikingly depressing posts, I thought I would actually write about something happy- to dissuade you from the more than likely depressed personality you've probably associated with me by now. Which, for the record, isn't at all accurate. In actuality I truly am a happy, normal person!...Though I wouldn't testify by the normality part. By nature I do lean a lot more towards being a very dark person, which is mostly due to the reason that I find something about dark things to be intoxicatingly beautiful- enchanting in a surreal way. Sadness, the gothic/emo look, tragic stories, they all feel so much more alive and rawly personal to me then any happily ending fairy tale ever has. (Mind you- there are exceptions.)  Mostly, the reason I write about so many disturbing topics is simply because I'm most prompted to write when I need to vent or express my discontent or discouragement with something- which is possibly a bad habit, you tell me.
Anyways, moving on to brighter things...

   This is really hard.
(-Searches happy things in the Google search bar-)
(Freakish pictures of oggly eyed owls sprouting tufts of pink hair pop up)

That's not right.


So then, whats this post about?
How to find happiness!

 Noticing the blessings we have in our lives:
   Most of us, specifically referring to myself, take advantage of the blessings we have been bestowed so abundantly with in this world. Most of the time I think that we take most things for granted- our parents, families, homes, computers and even internet (though frequently, it's slow enough to evoke a spur of angry slanderings). We have so much in this world, especially in America, where not only are we free to make our own choices but are free to go where we will, and do what we want. Even the beds we sleep on are commonly unappreciated, because they are just so basic in our every day lives. I've been in contact with a few people over my life, who had no bed, no house, and no place they could actually call home. Their oldest child, who was four years older than me at the time, recounted the story of when their family received their first bed. She was in tears as she expressed how grateful they all were and how much that simple bed had meant to them. To me, my bed is little more than an instrument I use in which to sleep on at night. Before hearing that girl bare her whole heart out about this old, likely worn bed, I really hadn't considered it a blessing at all! It just goes to show you, that even though we have SO many trials, stresses, problems, and pain in our lives, there will always be someone who has had it much worse.

 Expressing appreciation for those things: 
   I've always been one of those people who has never had much of a problem thanking people for things they do. Actually, because of this, I've learned that there are certain situations in which its hard to know whether or not you should say thank you, or not.. Sometimes, thanking people for being there for you does the exact opposite of what you intended in the first place! It chases them off, as though now that they know you need them so much they don't feel your worth the investment of their time. Or that your appreciation makes them uncomfortable. So, in regard of that, it's common for me to become pretty hesitant to say "thank you" or even "I love you." The question really is, when is it appropriate to express your gratitude?
   Each case is different, each person uniquely so. The advice I feel comfortable giving is not to get to verbally flowery about your appreciation. (If its your husband, parents, siblings, or relatives this doesn't apply, you can never be express enough appreciation). In friendship circumstances, saying "thank you being there for me" is often times enough. Keeping in mind though that each case is different, if you really know the person then saying more is completely fine! I love it when people let me know my presence in their lives has helped them in some way, and although some people aren't the same there is always trial and error. Though It's a rough road, you come to understand a lot more about individuals when you actually watch them, and note their reactions to different things.

Realizing how beautiful life is:
   Music, creativity, people, emotions, LIFE. All of it is so complicated, yet so disarmingly beautiful. Its natural to lose focus of that in the face of so much pain. Keeping a grasp on the beauty of this earth can become a hard task, but it is so worth it. When you feel beautiful, when you feel your life as well as this earth are beautiful, then you clear away those negative feelings clouding your eyes and actually allow yourself to SEE. People are beautiful, emotions are beautiful. Treasure them both while they are still yours.
Maybe its time you began to realize, 
just how important you are.


  1. Always love your posts. Worded beautifully!

    1. Thank you, I'm really glad you enjoy them!


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