Tuesday, September 24

Into Darkness

Everything looks different in the dark.
Your heart - is now revealed in garnished dark ribbons.
Were the vibrant colors of day but a lie?
Were the blushing blossom petals falling from the sky
but a twisted image of reality - meant to console us from the truth?
That when the lights all fade to black,
everything becomes dark.

No sunlight is left to obscure our view.

In the exiled gloom and darkness the night draws over our heads.

The thrill and awe of we feel, coming alive at the sight of those rich and lush colors - becomes lost in the darkening haze surrounding us.


We are stripped,
of our false facades.
Glittering sheens, bright hues, deep shades.
Whats inside us,
is unveiled,
and everything
is black.


  1. Wow, what a deep poem!
    Love your blog! :) New follower


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