Sunday, October 7

Who are you?

I really thought I knew you. Every time you looked me in the eyes, I thought I knew what was behind them. My joy never seemed complete until you were laughing with me. You were something I thought would stay with me throughout my life.
   However there were moments though when sometimes I could glimpse something deep in you, hiding in the shadows. How could I have know the festering darkness inside your heart would grow and consume you? How could I have know that in a few years time your name would be poison to my lips. How could I have known just looking at your face would make me feel sick with revulsion. That even thinking about you makes me feel dirty all over, like I've been tainted with a fowl disease.
   Whoever you were before, is not who you are now. The choices you've made make you into something worse then a monster. If I had known who you would become I wouldn't have even spoken to you in fear that something of your future might spread to me. The choices you have made define you in a dark shade of crimson. The tears I had split for you were in vain. Your a monster.

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