Tuesday, October 16

The feild of sorrow.

Petals bloom from faded gold.
The melted liquid pushing through their leaves.
The flowers of the shimering feild,
set aglow by crystal moonlight.

And a single tear.
In the dead of the night.
In the field full of golden leaves.
There is no one there to see it.

-Written by Lyndsey Evenstar

(Since I just figured out the meaning of this poem, for once, I will translate if for you. The rest you will have to figure out on your own!
The poem describes a beautiful scene at first, and to the reader it feels like this is a paradise like no other. After more descriptions of the beautiful field suddenly we are jarred with those few words "a single tear" in the second paragraph. In that moment we realize that maybe this paradise is not all that it seems.. That maybe there is a flaw to it. As you read further suddenly we are hit with those last few lines "There is no one there to see it".
This poem describes loneliness, and how even with the most beautiful scenery around you its nothing when there is no one to share it with. When you finish some masterpiece and look around with a proud heart your first thought is to share it with someone, not to just close it up and lock it away where no one will ever see it. The true message of this poem is that happiness isn't solitude, but in being with people. True torment is being alone inside your heart.)

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