Friday, October 19

Im free...

Its taken me a very long time to finally put things aside. Now I realize I don't regret any of it. Ive been mad and hurt for so long that it feels so strange to not hold it over me anymore. Ive finally realized without those trials I wouldn't be who I am, or as strong as those experiences have made me. I think now I can finally look those people in the face and smile without wanting to strangle them. Then I can walk by without even a single jolt of pain to my heart.
However, I'm not naive, I can forgive them but I will never forget what happened. Someday when the same thing tries to happen again ill be ready for it this time. I'm a stronger person then I was then, and Ive learned to become self-dependent. No longer will my emotions be bound to anothers whim. I'm free.

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