Saturday, October 10

Death of the Sun

Our thoughts bleed like rain,
madness ensues; from the death of the sun.
We are born in fire---crystallized in the memory of a broken world,
the valves of our hearts, pump sand through our veins.
Nothing matters.
There is no feeling.
Stop this burning silence,
I'm scraped raw by the absence of you.
In your death,
I am nothing.
has it always
been this way?


  1. Wow that really good so how have you been haven't seen any protests from you in a while

  2. Please don't stop writing, your blog is one that I keep drifting back to to read randomly all the time. I'm 18 too and I find you an inspirational writer. You're blog is raw emotions communicated clearly (remember this can involve those positive ones too!). And of course, you can both be a writer and a scientist (or any other scientific profession you want). Who said we have to only have one main passion/ true calling, why can't we have two of that with maybe a side helping of another? As humans we are most definitely equipped with many capabilities, so let's make use of it all.


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