Tuesday, June 30

Shadows cast by the sun

fantasy scene by BruceMashbatArt  http://bmd247.deviantart.com/?rnrd=39374  http://art-is-magical.tumblr.com/

I want to touch the stars---to reach high into the air, and grasp the unattainable; even if it's just for a moment. I want to feel the warmth of their pulsing bodies, as they melt into silver streams down my arms.
  It will envelope my features in a mask. A mask made from the undefined, from the hollows between eternities. I must shatter the heavens,
only then can I find her.

   Magic, in its purest form. A child's laughter; the breeze ruffling the pages of an old tome; the scent of memories, of times spent reveling in the warmth of a new world.
   Because there is a world here; within my mind, there is a world made of starlight.
   A place of rolling hills, with flowers blossoming in so many vibrant colors the mind cannot possibly conceive their spectrum. The rain is warm, and appears as freshly broken glitter falling from the sky. The butterflies, have scales made of diamond.  They leave trails of colored smoke, which lightly disperse into the breeze.
   This world is a part of me,
and yet I have not traversed its lands for so long.

   She holds the key.
   In her mind,
   in her heart.

   But fear has taken hold of me.

   It has corrupted the pathways leading me home. It has trapped me here, within these four walls.
   I cannot see, I cannot breathe. My world, is becoming nothing more than a lovely dream.
   I'm losing a part of me.
   I am losing her.


   I am desperate to hold on. More than ever now.
   I keep these memories locked away in crystal spheres, hidden beneath my pillow.
   But every night, another one shatters.

   I love her---me, the one who traverses that world.

   But she's fading,
   The broken girl is fading; and with her, everything I love.

   How cruel life is. We cannot have one, without the other.
   I cannot dream, without the fingers of death circling my heart.
   I cannot live,
   without these memories I treasure,
   haunting me.

   I don't want to lose her.


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