Thursday, April 30

A peculiar touch of darkness

aesthetic: rowena ravenclaw. (she wore blue velvet) // by g. r.

   There are people who are different
   People who don't drift easily in the sea of humanity; people who still strive for beauty and virtue, while shrouded in a raiment of ashen silk.

   There are shades of black, yet white can only ever come in one form. It is endless; eternal. Unlike its counterpart there is no depth to be found in its spectrum. The terror of its power is without a veil.

   Black is to comfort. It is to clothe, to shield.
   White is the herald of destruction. 

   Yet in the folds of darkness; there is also a more sinister intention. It clothes itself in lies, deceit, and filth. It makes a mockery what is beautiful, and seeps into others though the shadows it proffers before it.

   There is darkness; and there is this.
   And I'm afraid, this world has become lost in it.

   There are people who are different
   And we are fading.


  1. holy shit. this blew my mind: "yet white can only ever come in one form".
    this is so far my favourite piece by you. absolutely brilliant.


  2. wow that's so good i love your work it's so poetic you are so very talented thank you for sharing what you do with the world

  3. This is amazing! You have a way with words ♥

    -Kathie K
    A Sea Change

  4. "The terror of it's power is without a veil." <3


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