Thursday, March 26

So, what now?...

This blog, was formed with the concept of pain in mind. My pain. Over time, however, it morphed into a jumbled collection of my thoughts---a journal in some ways. Yet now, I feel I have reached the end of a long traversed road. While the hollow echos of my soul were keenly felt in the beginning, there is nothing now. It's a good nothing; as it stirs no loneliness, no depression lingering from long ago. Yet, somewhere along the way I've lost my reason for writing this blog. It's no longer therapy, and it's no longer a journal... what is it then?
   This is the question that has been hounding me for the last several months. Many say, that a blog can only be successful if it has a sole purpose. BUT, my blog has lost much of it's purpose. I've grown up, I've won my battles, and now I stand as a conquer overlooking the road which has lead me here.
   There's no doubt in my mind that the pain will return one day. When it does, I fully intend to again take my pain, and redirect it into words. Because words are so much more beautiful, when fueled by something real.
   For now though, the question: is what I'm doing now, enough? begs to be answered. Is this blog still functional, without a sole purpose? Some blog about books, others blog about politics. Still others blog about beauty, and maybe photography. Me? Where do I fit into all of this?
   I've been at this keyboard, so many times before, and not known what to write about. It isn't writer's block that holds me back, it's the lack of a definition of what I can write about.

   I blog about me. But is me, enough?

Twenty One Pilots. There are no words for how much I love them.


  1. It's Tudda Pudda and I love the new look by the way! :P
    Yeah, I ran into the same thing with my other one, tuddapuddadiaries. I guess you kinda figured it out for me, I'd out grown it and wanted something more. So I started a new one, haha.
    Long time no see btw!


  2. Of course "you"are enough...believe me I too do the same....
    Also check another one. ...

  3. Heyy I'm just introducing myself. I'm Alex and I haven't been reading your blog for long but it's so inspirational! I swear your artsy touch and imagination are awesome, and I understand about you being unsure whether writing about yourself is enough. I love reading daily journals because of the fact that I get to emerge myself into your life and kind of get a sneak peek into how other people deal with their problems. By the way, I absolutely love the look of your blog and what you're doing so don't let anyone tell you otherwise and also don't give up so quickly! I blog and don't worry about anyone else reading it because I want it to just be for my benefit, which means I do it because I love to.

    Hope you find your path <3

    Alex @ The Book's Buzz

  4. I love Twenty One Pilots as well! Your blog is a amazing, you are defiantly enough :)

  5. Hey, I wanted you to know that last year the person who reblogged something of yours in January... That was me. And I just felt that I should let you know that I have followed your blog since and I've read every post of yours. I too have battled against my demons. I've won some wars and others will never end. But you can always reflect back on the ones you've won to keep yourself moving forward. Everyone is special. Everyone has their own unique experiences. But to be a writer, to be someone who can so vividly, and in such detail, show people a part of them that no one else has seen... You allow others to stare into your mind. To see how you think. To blog about yourself is more than enough. I love reading your blogs, you've unknowingly helped me win some wars. You are such an inspiration and soon I'm going to start a blog that I'll update monthly, if not weekly, and it's because you truly inspired me.

    You are more then enough to blog about.

  6. It's always enough because what else is there? If forget about ourself we can't care about anyone else either. Do whatever you feels is right.


  7. THAT BAND IN MY LIFE sorry I just got really excited when I saw TOP oops.


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