Tuesday, February 19

(Late) Valentines Post!

 Well everyone, even though this is so late I just wanted to write a little bit about what qualities I look for in a guy, future spouse, friend, etc. I really do love valentines, and this paper got me thinking a little about what I'm really looking for. Feel free to comment, or leave links to your responses! Happy-late-Valentines!

   Thinking about it, I really have a long list of qualities that I find attractive in another person. One of the biggest ones is that I don’t want a plain bob. I love people with character and a interesting personality, people who you can talk with and think, “wow, he really gets into the things he likes to do”. I love when someone gets really excited about one of their passions and really gets into it. I think of people that have no hobbies, favorites, or any personality of their own, as flat characters. They try so much to be like everyone else that in all reality they become one of those characters who is always just there, but draws no real interest from the readers. So yeah, I look for people who can stand out in a crowd and be themselves without worrying of other peoples’ opinions.
   Another trait I look for is kindness, and an awareness of others feelings. I love people who you can be around that won’t snuff you out, or give you a cold shoulder when their feeling edgy; people who actually care about your feelings and are naturally kind. It always makes me feel good, and like I want to try better at helping others when I’m around someone who Is kind to everyone.
   Okay, I know a lot of guys think that being good with kids is sort of a joke. I want to contradict that full heartedly; I think it is really attractive when a guy knows how to handle children and loves being with them. It just makes him look so much more mature and grown up when they love kids and get down to play with them. It shows they can be a good father, as well as someone who knows what they are doing.
   Another requirement is they have to be smart, or at least concerned with getting a good education. People in general who get A’s in their classes are pretty darn cool. You also know that they can study hard, and don’t just sleep in class while the teacher talks. A smart person can get really far in life, with a good college then later a good job. In reality, handy guys who know how to do a lot of things are just plain amazing.
   A lot of you know the manly tall, dark and handsome saying that often comes up whenever girls are asked what kind of guys they like? Well, I’m on that boat! My friends will often laugh at me because of my super high physical appearance standards. While walking down the street they could probably pick out maybe five guys they just start drooling over, and me? Well, I’d be lucky to approve of even one guy as I walked all the way to Japan from California. (Just so everyone knows, I think Jasper Hale (from twilight) is way hotter than Emmett Cullen.) Anyway, moving on…
   I like it when a person speaks their mind, and if they have something to say to you that they deliver it kindly and in a way that encourages you to improve rather than just tearing you down. I hate always having to guess what a person in feeling, and would rather if they just came out and said it. (I’m very guilty for not saying how I feel as well, that’s something I could work on.)
   Lastly, and most importantly, the biggest trait I look for in a potential spouse is that he shares the same religion as me. I want him to have a huge testimony that can help to strengthen mine, and that I can depend on. I’ve always been so impressed with how spiritual my dad is, and how in tune with the spirit he always is. We never miss church, and he rarely lets me miss seminary. I really want a guy like that, who also is a return missionary. My dream is to be married, and sealed, in the temple so I want someone worthy who can marry me there. (For anyone who doesn’t know I’m a member of the church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day saints.)
 What qualities do you look for in a person?

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