Saturday, March 2

In Black and White...

Am I the only one breathing this lie?
In black and white.
My eyes look,
 but I can't see.
The world looks fake, I can't see beauty anymore.
It's like somethings gone.
A film pressed over my iris.
To suppress the world.
In black and white.

The smells
once to alluring.
Are only memories now.

 In black and white.
I stand in the same places I once loved,
But they aren't the same.
Life plays like a film.
No emotion can break my hardened shell.
Nothing is real.
My eyes look,
 but they cannot see.
I'm trapped in a body of stone.
 Choking on my immunity.
Choking on the walls that trap me
 in this mortal form.
In black and white.

-Lyndsey Evenstar

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