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~~Special A~~

Special A 

   Special A is a story that primarily focuses on Hikari Hanazono and her attempt to beat her childhood rival, Kei Takishima.
It all started when Hikari was six years old. Her dad taught her how to fight, and she thought that she was undefeatable. But when she challenged Kei to a fight, he beat her and practically humiliated her. Since then, she swore that she would beat him no matter what.
She enrolled in the Private Hakusen Academy with him. It's an elite, rich school that separates classes by grades. The top students in each class is in the A class, and the top seven students in the A class are in the Special A (SA) class. Hikari, Kei, and their five other friends have been in SA since they were younger, although Kei is always ranked 1 and Hikari is always ranked 2.

    Let me just start out by saying Special A owns my heart. This is the best shojo manga I have EVER read. The characters captivated me, the art was breathtaking, the plot was hilarious and yet serious, the theme was so sweet and at the same time incredibly addicting.
   I could compare with Hikari in so many ways, her constant joy from challenging Kei to prove that she could be just as good as him, as well as her personality of kindness to the point of stupidity. I was completely in love with her!
   As for Kei... Whoa.. Don't get me started.. Talk about breathtaking, gorgeous, cocky, gentlemanly, and absolutely PERFECT. (What I wouldn't give to marry someone exactly like him...) Kei is AMAZING. He could string words together so fluently I was in love with him before the first volume was over. He managed to make me cry more then once and at the end I felt as though I was going into denial about leaving the series and the characters.I absolutely love them. This is the first manga I have seriously considered just buying so that I can always have it with me to read when I need something to do, or am looking for inspiration. The whole thing was just perfect!
  The special A group made me feel so happy. I felt as though I belonged with them, even though I was only reading it. (Amazing right?). Hikari's best friend Akari was the perfect best friend, they just got along so well it was really like they should have been born sisters! As for Megumi, Ryuu, Jun, Yahiro, and Tadashi... I wish I had a group of friends like that! They all were so funny, and you could just see how much they loved each other through the way they treated each other.This isn't one of those Manga's where the characters get off putting the girl's down with cruel words, everything they said was always loving even when they were fighting.
Am I rambling on a bit?
   I'm sorry its just so amazing...
   Now for another favorite part... THE ROMANCE. *dies from the waves of romance radiating from the book*. I was totally swept off my feet and captured in the web of romance! IT WAS AMAZING. No love triangles and everything was so realistic. Hikari didn't have fifty boys chasing after her, and Kei wasn't turned away just because Hikari took her time realizing she was in love with him.. Okay, I really want to spoil a part so please don't kill me..

My favorite part of the book from Kei's perspective... 
"We'll keep challenging eachother.
Everyday, forever.
Just like this."
Right then.
I knew right then.
I'd never say that to another soul.
She is the only match.
The only one for me.

(I literally started bawling my eyes out at that point. That is one of the most precious, and sweet things Ive ever heard or read!)
(End of spoiler)  

   And here is the best part... The whole 17 volumes were absolutely CLEAN. Isn't that down right amazing!? I love it!
Maki Minami, you are a complete genius!!!

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