Thursday, January 24

White people probs *over exagerated*

I am white…
   Literally, I’m not even joking a bit here. My skin tone is as white as a silken cocoon, though sadly not as soft and lovely. People will hold their arms up to me all the time and compare the differences in our skin tones. (I usually win the whitest of them all award). The only people who have ever beaten my record are my younger sister and best friend who are a shade whiter than I am. You can’t imagine my joy when I found out I would no longer suffer my ‘white’ plight alone anymore.
   To make matters worse, I have dark brown hair, almost black, and sometimes it’s a reddish gold. You might be wondering what is wrong with that. Well, my arms are covered in the dark tuffs and since my skin is so pale the hair stands out like large carrots in a dish of lettuce. I call it my bear coat to get by when people like to point that out to me, like I don’t know right? I have an Asian friend who also has the bear coat problem, except she was so self-conscious about it that she got a machine, which shocked the hair out. I don’t really care about it that much, probably because I’m homeschooled and therefore don’t have the same pressures of being teased about it.
   Another problem that comes with fair skin is sunburns and freckles. I get sunburned so easily, I literally have to arm myself with sunscreen every time I walk outdoors on a sunny day. If I don’t, the consequences involve a pink roast Lyndsey. Very tasty. The freckles are a HUGE problem, because I HATE them. Those dark brown blotches on my pale skin are like beacons signaling the enemy freckles to move in. I HATE them. Luckily they mostly fade in the winter, but in the summer if I don’t have sunscreen on those little devils start creeping onto my face one-by-one.

   I love make up. I love how you can totally turn yourself into a new person if you know a few tricks and apply it just right. My biggest problem is walking into a store for foundation and finding they don’t have any shade light enough for me. (It’s a pain). I usually have to settle for something close and be careful about rubbing it in to look natural. It’s at its worst in the winter when I take on full vampire mode. (Add some dark red lipstick and I look like I’ve been busy drinking peoples blood.) Yeah, applying makeup can be hard in the winter when you have to use softer tones and lighter paints so that it doesn’t stick out too much. Trust me, smearing dark rouge across your eyelids could make you look like some Goth ghost.

   Now that I’ve disclosed all of these problems you hopefully see the challenges white people have to deal with. It’s not all that bad though, I mean snow white pulled it off right? Depends on which version your thinking about.


  1. I'm freckly! I want an award. Got it? ;)
    Ah, my brother is whiter than me... But less freckly as he doesn't really like the outdoors- I don't care that I get more freckles until its too late. But hey, I've been told it means the sun has kissed me? Ouch. That burns XD
    Yesterday one of my friends complained that she was the opposite of tanned. I held up my arm to hers and she was like 'oh'. Totally understand with the foundation- why does it get more expensive the whiter colour it is? I just don't bother trying. I'll look like a freckly spotty mash-up. Snow white :P

  2. *Presents Amy with the freckly award* There you go! Hahaha :D
    Ouch, kissed by the sun.. That's something serious! Though its pretty sweet when you put it that way!
    I KNOW! Ughh, its like they rig it for white people since we have no choice but to buy the whitest they have!
    yeah, have you seen snow white and the huntsman? Thats probably my favorite version :D

  3. I have uber pale skin and naturally dark blond/light brown hair.Blue eyes too. My skin also has red undertones I blush so bad and sunburn just as bad. never tan not even self tanner works..lolz.
    I wished I had that pale, smooth, silky, white skin , not blotchy, blushy white skin :P
    Ppl rhink white skin is so great, nope! I am forever self conscience about red blotches and hair thats not blond anymore on my arms, even face!
    I wax, pluck, shave, everything cuz I am ashamed of hair on me thats not blond.
    My emotions are read on my red face easily. Ick.lolz.
    I am stared at a lot where I live in the summer cuz I have shockingly white legs walking my dogs and everyone else is not white.
    Ive been called casper, whitey, ghosty, sheet, etc.
    I love freckles. I wish I had a few. They are super adorable to me.
    My school friend was COVERED in them, I mean COVERED COVERED in them,. Her ENTIRE body was freckles. I never saw anything like it again. I was so envious of her and she used to rub lemon, peroxide, etc. on her arms, legs, face, etc.
    Shed never wear a swim suit and I yelled at ppl who called her "SPOT"
    She was covered in freckles. Its amazing to this day how covered she was. I know I am repeating it but whoa.
    Nice post btw :)
    New blog follower.

    1. I know the feeling! Even just s small blush looks like some dramatic color change, sorta like a gecko ahah :D Ive never tried a self tanner but I know from past experience if the sun wont do it then tanning wont either!
      Yeah! Oh my gosh, dont get me started on face hair! It comes in so dark I have to use a plucking machine (Its SOOO painful...)
      Hahaha, I totally understand! I avoid wearing shorts, and just stick with skinny jeans..
      Really? I guess my ideal image just doesn't work with the freckles. So yeah, I love them on others I just can't stand them on myself ^_^
      Awww.. Thats horrible! I know some people like that too, why change when your born to stick out? I really feel bad for her though, having people shout things at you is never fun or okay..
      Thank you!! :D


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