Friday, December 13

Eaten By A Monster

The sound of whipping wings
and chiming screams
roar between the trees.

Top hat tilts
The air fills with fresh sprays of your gushing blood.
In between the flaring lights
You whisper,
"Is any of this really real?"

Golden hair
infused in delicate diamond
Your glazed eyes stare back into mine,
lips curved into a broken smile.

I've seen you die so many times
as the clock spins a sick whirl,
glitter falling from the trees
and the sound of breaking silence.

I've seen you die so many times.
The world has gone black and red against my eyes
from the never ending blood I spill across my skin
Different form,
different face.
Always the same ending.
With you whispering,
"Is any of this really real?"

Assembled under the summer sky
we said our last goodbyes,
Before the clock struck twelve
and your shimmering wings
went up in flames.
 An unforgettable summer sky,
blossoming in crimson
and curling tongues of smoke.

The boy I loved
was eaten by a monster.
And the dreaming illusions of my mind,
just laughed and hollered.
As the mirrors outlining my sunken eyes,
shattered across the room,
and rose petals piled high underneath my feet,
crumbled in waves.
The white rabbits,
tittered in fitted jackets.
Vibrating strings in the dead of night,
play to the sound of your dripping blood.

Standing again amongst a crowd,
I watch their shadowed faces twist in disgust,
at the sight of your disfigured form.
Faded imprints in the ground,
mark the places where your crown faltered.
 Eerie music pulses from the windless breeze,
and the clock continues tocking.

"Is any of this really real?"
Or is this whole world just a dream?

Clocks+Creepy Woods


  1. Wow!!
    Its left me slightly confused, but I really, really, really loved it :D

  2. Did you write this yourself? It's beautiful! I wish I were as talented as you are! (^-^)

    If you have time, please visit my blog too!


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