Thursday, March 13

Awkward moment: are we actually dating?

So you're not dating... but then you're not 'just friends' either. It's as though the pair of you are waiting on some massive, solar explosion to occur which will hopefully nudge you over the line into a definite relationship status. 'It's complicated' usually is the term that first pops into most peoples minds when they suddenly find themselves in this weird kind of dimension. In reality though, it's not really that difficult! In all simplicity, what's basically going on is that you're both waiting on each other to make the first move, but no one's moving forward in fear of rejection. (Though, at this point in time it's clearly obvious that you like each other.) Who then, is going to break the awkward, unidentified state of materialized being and say, "hey, you know what? We're going out now!"

   You're right. Absolutely no one. Because it certainly is not going to be me in the front lines jumping up to volunteer! In my personal defense, it's my strong belief that the male in the relationship is to take the first moves. You can do all you want to encourage him, but if you really want proof that you have a confidant man who will take care of you, you have to let him steer the ship.
   Sadly though, because of my belief it takes a darn lot longer for anything to broach the fence in the road without my actual guidance towards the finish line. Hovering within the space of complicated is good to a certain point, before you realize that eventually your going to have to find something to hold on to, whether it be back on earth, or forward. (I feel like I'm quoting something from Star Treck now... Speaking of Star Treck into darkness...)

   Anyways, those are my thoughts for today! My ability to write has blessedly returned, thanks to my wonderful friends and awesome support from my followers!
    Thank you all, I'm back to stay (again)!


  1. I hate being in that awkward phase....I've only had it happen once and its just awkward. I share the belief that the male should take the lead and I always kick myself for believing that. lol. Im soooooooo impatient. but then again, aren't we all?

    1. So true Faith, I'm equally impatient so it makes it sooo hard. You have a very good point though, aren't we all a little impatient in these matters? It takes a strong sense of will to keep from throwing a chucking brick at the person in question, since can't seem to accomplish what we could do in a few minutes. *Sigh*

  2. It's about time you came back! This can be an awkward situation indeed. Sooo...are you in such a situation at this time??

    1. Hahaha, thank you Pixie!
      I am actually, though at the time I wrote this it hadn't escalated to the point of 'awkward it is now'. Really, complicated doesn't even start to cover our relationship anymore! It's just plain weird...
      Have you ever encountered a situation like this?


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