Sunday, December 2

WARNING: Ramblings and Pointless Musings


   Well its another Sunday and the only difference between this, and every other Sunday is that today it's raining buckets. It's been doing just that for the last four days though, so for me it's not really a dramatic change. Rain.... Hmm.. I have mixed feelings about rain, both good and bad. It is really beautiful, and has a nice calming feel and sound to it, however.... at the same time it makes me so depressed. My scientific side tells me it's probably because the stream of vitamin D emitted from the sun has stopped, and so my body is protesting by lowering my mood. Mentally, I feel like I'm being choked to death by my own body (It's not a good feeling).
   Other then that though, I'm completely worked up! I suddenly was hit from above by a glorious streak of pure inspiration, and since then have been having idea's bursting from my ears like garden fairies. Ive covered my small notebooks pages in cramped, hasty writing as I tried to fit it all down before I forgot it. Even with that though, I kept having so many Idea's that they were sliding through my hands like slippery egg whites. ITS HORRIBLE, and amazing at the same time. Horrible because I forgot even a single Idea, and amazing because I'm actually having ideas to forget for once!
   Yes, that brings me to my next subject.... My memory. I'm not sure what the cause of it is, but recently I have been forgetting things so much so I'm actually terrified. I've been to the doctor, and they took some blood tests, but they all came back with good readings indicating that any problems I might have had weren't there. Is it just me? Or is something wrong with me? I'd like to think it was the former one, and that I'm just over reacting. I've asked my Dad to give me a blessing though, so I'm really hoping that it will help.
   I don't think I have ever introduced myself on this blog... Probably not since I'm a little parodied of the internet. I usually prefer people to ask me themselves, (I enjoy talking with people)... But maybe this time I will post an introduction later for anyone who is curious to know a thing or two about me.
   Just to be random these are three of my screen pictures currently hahaha,

   They all have different connections with my novel, (spoilers). Not going to tell you ;P I might post a spoiler quote from the manuscript later... MIGHT. I'll think on it...

   I love christmas... Regardless of religion everyone feels like they are, in their own way, on the same page. This season is when people really notice what matters to them, when they find joy in making others happy. Sometimes I think people forget that even a smile can make someone feel better. Its so strange how something so small can make you feel completely different.
   Its not the gift that counts, its the thought. This is so, so true. The most precious thing I ever received, wasn't a purchased object but a jar, filled with sea shells from a childhood friend. If your wondering at my sudden christmas memories its because I'm listening to a christmas broadcast while writing this, hahaha.
   Random unnecessary comment: Though we don't have snow, I like to imagine we do sometimes, and pretend that the rain falling are just frozen white flakes. Snow is really amazingly beautiful, even if it is painfully cold.
   School... School... A topic I dread... I have soooo much school to do, and not enough time to juggle that and stuff I really want and need to do. Its part of the reason I haven't written in my book for several weeks, and the reason I take so long to reply to everyone.Honestly, I love school, but even for me there comes a point when the stress feels like its going to kill you. If college has more work then this I really hope I will become some sort of superperson, so that I can get it all done.

   I really am grateful for my close friends, who actually know me for who I am..(You know who you are.) I'm really not sure what they see in me that keeps them from running away shouting rude things into my face. Seriously though, I really do love them. I can't count the times they have made me feel better without even realizing it. I feel like I sometimes shouldn't say how grateful I am for them, but I'm going to say it now. I LOVE YOU GUYS.


  1. I LOVE YOU LYNDSEY!!!! ~Kaitlyn (commenting from CLC haha)

  2. (hoping I'm a close friend)

    I love you, Lyndsey!!! :D

    And what's wrong with your memory? Is your arm blinking?

    1. Yes you are!!


      Haha, no its getting better.. Im pretty sure its all connected with my sleeping habbits.


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